DEMIREX is an innovative medical device being developed by NAKAFARMA that will be a breakthrough for gastrointestinal endoscopy. This invention will be a great step forwards for the specialty and will give the specialist a tool to perform endoscopies more comfortably and efficiently.

DEMIREX is designed for use in gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures. Its application induces the elevation of polyps, adenomas, early-stage tumors or other lesions of the gastrointestinal mucosa by separating the mucous layer from the muscle, thus allowing for easier resection of these lesions.

DEMIREX is a transparent, sterile solution designed for submucosal injection. When mixed with an organic dye (indigo carmine), it allows the operator to delimit the area containing the lesion of interest, where it is injected. It allows the endoscopist to clearly visualize the margins of the target lesion and reduce the risk of injury and perforation during resection.

DEMIREX is used in endoscopic resection procedures during examinations of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. It is designed for submucosal injection, allowing the mucous and muscular layers to be separated for a prolonged period of time and removal of the lesion with a sufficient resection margin.

DEMIREX is a sterile solution that comes in 10 ml luer-lock syringes with an attached luer-lock. A normal endoscopic injection needle is used to inject the solution through an endoscope.


  1. Perfect delimitation of the edges of the target lesion.
  2. Increased persistence of the substance in the tissue.
  3. High tissue expansion with a minimal injected dose.
  4. Optimal viscosity with easy product injection.
  5. Total reabsorption of the injected substance.
  6. Absence of smoke.
  7. Prolonged physical-chemical stability.
  8. Sterility.


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