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We are a company that was conceived with the mission of supplying the best innovative products to doctors and healthcare professionals with a view to enabling them to facilitate better, fuller and healthier quality of life to their patients.

Our objective is focussed on providing the very best solutions for the patient, bearing in mind his or her wellbeing and health.


Spanish company with head office in Oviedo (Asturias), dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of the best medical solutions available at any given time. It has a network of professionals distributed throughout the entire territory for the purposes of providing the best service and attention possible.


The most innovative solution for the protection and conservation of the vesical and urethral mucosa. A compound with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid of very low viscosity which favours the repair of the mucosae and alleviates the symptoms which cause damage to the epithelium.

C/ Azcárraga, 12 A, P-2, 3ºC 33010 Oviedo. Spain.

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